Flat Roofing (Felt & Single Ply)

We only use the best quality products here at RW Roofing Specialist. All installations are fitted in strict guidelines with the manufacturers recommendations. We are hugely experienced in this field and consider ourselves to be specialists in flat and pitched roofing. We are more than happy to discuss your flat roof requirements, whether it is a small roof leak that needs some maintenance or a completely new flat roof installation.

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Minor Repairs

Here at RW Roofing Specialist, we pride ourselves with outstanding customer service. We have no call out charged and can often repair small problems within the same day of being notified.

Minor problems that we attend to are usually related to flat roof leaks. These problems are usually caused by wear and tear along with the exposure to extreme weather conditions. Major repairs can be avoided; if you spot minor leaks early enough it’s always best to get them repaired quickly.

Another common example would be to repair or replace damaged slates and roof tiles which may have shifted over time or have taken an impact from high winds and other extreme weather conditions.

Experiencing any of above problems? Don’t! Simply give us a call and we can fix the problem for you.

Slate & Tile Roofing

Natural slate is a natural product that can deflect the most extreme weather conditions and is considered to be one of the world’s finest building materials. RW Roofing Specialists have over 10 years experience working with slate that has come from Wales and Spain as well as artificial and reclaimed slates. Here at RW Roofing Specialist, we guarantee properly laid roofs which are assured to last you the lifetime of the roof.

The choice of roof tiles RW Roofing Specialists can provide you with are vast. The tiles range from clay to concrete and are available in a variety of sizes and colour options.

Dry Verge & Ridge Tiles

Over time roofs will start to show signs of ageing which then become prone to having gaps between the roof and the tiles, a new dry verge roof can transform any old and ‘tired-looking’ roof into a fresh, clean new roof. This is the ultimate ‘classic-looking’ finishing touch for roof edges and once they are installed, they will need no further maintenance. Manufactured from PVC-U and completely waterproof, the edges come in a variety of colours.

Protect your property

New PCV-U guttering systems are extremely efficient, they are sure to protect properties from the harshest of elements. High-impact, high-gloss PVC-U creates a durable, weatherproof finish that is guaranteed to perform for 10 years or more. These systems are fitted to ensure that the water flows evenly into the drainpipe with no danger of overflowing. These high-quality systems enhance and protect half-round gutting is the modern and popular choice for homeowners. Another popular choice is square-line gutting which is ideal when you want to create a stylish and contemporary finish. All PVC-U guttering installed by RW Roofing specialists offer a wide selection of colours which compliment your home

PVC-U fascia board is a hardwearing, low maintenance choice preferred by most homeowners. The clean lines and low maintenance factor make choosing new PVC-U gutters or fascias are an absolute must when building a new property or when refurbishing an old property.

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Re-Roof & Roof Replacements